On Road Trips

From Huckberry:

“I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but I do want to tell you that empty Leinenkugel’s cases make an excellent storage system in the back of any car you’re partial to. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with Leinenkugel’s, the terrifically average beer from Chippewa Falls, the local beer I grew up on at my cabin. You no doubt have your own beloved local beer, if they have good cardboard cases then I recommend those too. “These fit exactly next to a small Yeti cooler which is full of a case of Miller Lite, the official beer of Coggins angling trips. Before you protest, I ask you not to think of it as bad beer but to think of it as good water.”

David Coggins: All Hail The Road Trip huckberry.com/journal/p…

Dave Gullett @davegullett